Bass Tournament

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State Director:
Bob Lawson
512-632-0405 or 214-221-1510


Local Coordinators:


Tournament Director:
Brett Smith


Guiding Bodies:


Weigh-in Location:
Graford, Texas 76449


Host Location:
Rock Creek Camp & RV Resort
201 Rock Creek Road
Graford, Texas 76449


2- Person Team Tournament
LE/Fire Fighters/First Responders/Military
Guests per rules


Wednesday June 14, 2023 and Thursday June 15, 2023
6:00 am until weigh in at 3:00 pm both days
Must be checked in before 3:00 pm or disqualified
Weigh-in will be located at:
At boat ramp or TBD

 Rules for 2023

Youth Angler Rules 2023

Youth Angler Waiver 2023


New Guidelines for Bass Tournaments

The 2023 Team Bass Tournament is being held at a location to be determined and will be a Team Tournament Format (2- day event). The majority of up to date information about the tournament will be placed on a FaceBook group page that is set to private for safety purposes. In the event that you do not have FaceBook presence and you are registered for the event, we will send you the same information via email or if needed by phone. The FaceBook page will be maintained for two months after the event and then will be deleted and then reset for the next year. Photographs and such can be placed on the page for that time but will be moved to the main TPAF page prior to deletion. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2023.

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