Hall of Fame Nomination Form. There are two forms of recognition:

1-  Hall of Fame Member (Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, Military)

2- “Honorary” Hall of Fame Member  ( Major contributor, business).

(1) Requirements for nomination to the Hall of Fame

# 1 – Must be employed or retired as a Full-Time Law Enforcement Officer, Corrections Officer, Fire Fighter or assigned in a Military Law Enforcement capacity, and;

# 2 – Must be employed or retired as a member of one of the above in good standing, and;

# 3 – Must have participated in the Texas Police Games for a minimum of 5 years as a member in good standing, and;

# 4 – Must be a positive influence for the promotion of the Texas Police Games. and/or

# 5 – Must have served on the T.P.A.F. as a board member or;

                   as an assistant to the Board of Directors or;

                   as an organizer for the Texas Police Games.

Individuals may be nominated by any T.P.A.F Board Member, any person involved in the Texas Police Games, or by any Department or Agency where the individual is or was employed.

(2) Requirements for nomination to Honorary Hall of Fame.

  # 1 – The purpose of this recognition is to highlight individuals who or businesses which exceeded the Board’s expectations in their contributions to the Texas Police Games. This may be either a:

      a- one-time major contributor who significantly contributed to the success of the annual games; and/or

      b- contributor who has consistently provided support over multiple years and has been an integral part of the Games’ success.

Individuals and businesses worthy of this recognition may be nominated by any TPAF Board Member for the Board’s consideration by using the Hall of Fame nomination form and indicating “Honorary” on the form.

Nominations can be made at anytime during the year, but must be submitted with all supporting documentation prior to December 1st for consideration in the following year’s appointments.

Nominations can be made by submitting a letter or email with supporting documentation to:

Texas Police Athletic Federation               or email to:

P.O. Box 38648

Dallas, Texas 75238

or to any T.P.A.F. board member.

Supporting documentation in the letter of nomination MUST show that the nominee meets or exceeds the above requirements. The documentation must contain but is not limited to the above requirements. The documentation MUST also contain the nominee’s full name, any “Nick” names used, Date of Birth, address and phone numbers, department or agency of employment or retirement, and MUST contain a color photo.

All documentation submitted must also have the name, address, email address and phone number of the person making the nomination.

Nominations submitted will be considered by the T.P.A.F. Board of Directors and selected based on the above requirements, each individuals history with the Texas Police Games, and information submitted in the letter or email from the nominating person.

The T.P.A.F. Board of Directors will retain the right to deny the appointment of any nominee to the Texas Police Athletic Federation Hall of Fame, by rule of majority vote. The T.P.A.F. Board of Directors will also retain the right to limit the number of nominees elected and placed into the Hall of Fame each year.

  As once stated, Medals and awards do not make the man, his accomplishments at work, his achievements in life, his personality in general, the friendships he develops, and his family life are his biggest rewards.



To nominate someone for the Texas Police Athletic Federation Hall of Fame click   HERE

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